A preceding project in this area was approved by FCT ("Towards the improvement of women´s skills in the tourism sector: Profiting from the vertical mobility for ethic and economic purposes"), focusing on the situation of women's potential in the tourism sector and the factors inhibiting vertical mobility. Bearing in mind the outcomes of that study, the central objective of this project is to evaluate how tourism companies and organizations deal with gender equality and to evaluate the potential played by networks and internationalization to promote gender equality and to introduce innovative forms of economic growth.

Specifically, this project aims to:
    » unveil why women do not reach top managerial positions in tourism companies and organizations;
    » analyze whether and how internationalization, innovation and network strategies have the potential to boost gender equality within companies, as well as women's entrepreneurship;
    » evaluate whether and how women may play a renewed role to boost new forms of economic growth;
    » assess and compare the constraints affecting the growth of male and female ruled companies;
    » diagnose gender equality in tourism companies and organizations;
    » study the relationship between economic growth, gender equality and internationalization strategies, networks and innovation.

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