Within the Portuguese context, this project aims specifically at:

      » Making a diagnosis of organizations in the tourism sector and their managerial personnel;
      » Analysing women's importance in the tourism sector;
     » Analysing employment expectations and the real employment situation for students and graduates, examining the disparities between men and women regarding salaries, academic background and areas of activity;
      » Analysing the constraints posed to the reconciliation of work and family life;
      » Analysing attitudes towards women's access to leadership and decision-making positions, as well as traditional gender-linked roles;
      » Analysing and evaluating the reasons for and constraints to women’s vertical mobility;
      » Contributing to the advance of knowledge about women participating in tourism economy, with focus simultaneous on education and employment;
      » Develop tools that may that support women in their career progression and optimise human capital within companies.

Following the diagnosis of the current situation of women and men with higher education degrees in tourism, suggestions were made, so that a more equitable participation of women and men in the economy is achieved. Therefore, it is believed that the project can have strong managerial implications, contributing thus not only to women's empowerment, but also to a boost in the competitiveness of tourism companies, since they rely heavily on their human capital.

Besides its managerial implications, the project will provide substantial contributions to the advancement of knowledge on gender studies, namely on women's participation in the tourism economy.

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