» Interactive e-learning course for employers about avoiding discrimination in the workforce | [Employers] [see]

» Breaking the Barriers – Good Practice in Mentoring: European Guidelines | [Employers & Students & Employees] [see]

» Gender, Institutions and Development Data Base to determine and analyse obstacles to women’s social and economic development | [Employers & Students & Employees] [see]

» Self-assessment guide on gener equality in companies | [Employers] [see]

» Good practices for reconciling working life and family life: Manual for companies | [Employers] [see]

» An instrument for the promotion of good practices in gender equality in companies | [Employers] [see]

» Best practices - Flexible working: Family Friendly working hours | [Employers] [see]

» Guidance for employers about their rights under the Equality Act 2010 | [Employers] [see]

» EIGE Gender Equality Index | [Employers] [see]

» UNDP Gender Inequality Index | [Employers] [see]

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